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DP / Lighting Design


Lighting Design -

MMS provides lighting services from interviews to stylized commercial shoots. Our creative DPs work with you to give your project a creative and unique look. We rely on our experience and utilize our inventory of over 50 light fixtures to create a professional scene for our clients. We enjoy challenging locations and coming up with creative solutions to shape light. We have lit nationally televised interviews to commercials for Sony and the NCAA. We love lighting sets and our DPs are passionate about their work. Let us take your project to the next level with professional lighting designs from MMS.

Hire us for-

-On site interviews

-Commercial shoots

-Indoor and Outdoor sets

-Post production shoots of all kinds and sizes 

-Stylized complex light designs

-Wireless DMX controlled scenes

-Turnkey lighting solutions utilizing our 2.5 ton G&E van


For more details or to receive a quote contact us Here.

See our work/pricing down below-

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