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Editing / VFX

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Editing / VFX -

MMS has 3 video editors on staff, we cut in Premier pro, FCPX, and DiVinci resolve. Having the edit happen in house keeps the project in focus, and helps translate the story from the shoot to the final delivery. We color grade in DiVinci and have access to a vast music libraries. Our editors know special effects as well, we work in After Effects and Motion. We have cut pieces for national networks including Fox, Espn, Sony, Xgames, Red Bull TV, and countless corporate commercials. The success of ad content doesn't stop at the time of delivery, marketing the piece is just as important. MMS can help you market your edit by running ad campaigns for you on social media. Ensuring the maximum return on investment of your commercial content. Editing is just as important as the shoot, let us create your vision from beginning to end.


What we work on-



-Athlete highlights

-Adventure trips

-Social media content

-3D composites and effects

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