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MMS  RF Camera Kits


RF Broadcast / Wirelesss Video-

MMS has 4 RF camera kits ready to provide wireless capabilities to any live production.

Our systems offer a solution for cost-conscious productions without sacrificing video quality. 

Fully functional, our systems include full RCP control, lossless video quality, low video latency, tally, and comms.

See our system highlights below-

  • Lossless Video Compression:  Looks the same as your wired cameras, no blocky H.264 compression.

  • Low Latency:  less than .01second latency (pre truck) easing the typical RF audio delay problem.

  • Licensed RF Frequencies:  Video link runs on licensed freqs avoiding signal drop out and extending range

  • Multi-Zone:  Multiple RX antenna sites allow cameras to work in multiple locations.

  • Camera Control:  RCP control allowing full use of native RCPs

  • Tally:  Each camera receives Red tally via contact closure, (truck must have tally outputs wired and available)

  • Comms:  Wireless comms package available and scalable. Bolero, Roameo, or Freespeek. 4 chls minimum.

  • RF Tech:  Tech provided to manage system integration and antenna setup, frequency coordination and more.

Our systems have been used by Fox and NBC for national broadcasts. 

Contact us and add RF capabilities to your next production.


We specialize in creating customized solutions tailored to clients specific needs, contact us for more details if you have a unique situation.

See our white sheet below for pricing- 

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