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Specialty Camera Systems

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Specialty Camera Systems -

MMS develops and builds specialty cameras for live broadcast. From full frame POVs to RF equipment to stabilization systems, we create unique camera equipment. With multiple engineers on our team we can build a custom solution for your specific needs. Our systems have been used on network television, and have proven success in high demanding live broadcast environments.

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A custom camera stabilization system built in our shop. Its a combination of a Steadicam Aero30 arm and vest with a Tilta Float pole and a DJI RS3 Pro gimbal. The rig is designed to carry the Sony FX6 camera with a wide range of lenses. To be broadcast ready we have equipped the SteadiFloat with RF video transmission and camera control resulting in a completely wireless system ready to integrate with any live production. The SteadiFloat includes an experienced operator and an AC/tech. The SteadiFloat gives productions the ability to get smooth steady shots associated with a traditional Steadicam system but with the a much wider range of motion and movements. The camera can be lowered to the ground or brought up above head height in one smooth motion. With a controllable gimbal you have 4 levels of stability and the functionality of panning, tilting, and rotating the camera. The creative latitude the SteadiFloat gives a production to move a camera in new and unique ways is limitless.

See our white sheet below for pricing-


MMS has 3 full frame POV cameras available. We use Sony mirrorless alpha cameras instead of small chip cameras, the larger sensor size gives our povs a drastic quality improvement over traditional povs such as Marshall's. Giving clients ability to supplement broadcast cameras without sacrificing quality. The full frame sensor delivers a higher resolution and low light performance than the 2/3” sensor found on top end broadcast cameras. Great for adding cameras in low use areas without needing a full CCU camera. Small form factor allows cameras to be mounted in tight spaces such as booths, hallways, on top of roofs, etc. Our cameras are RCP (tablet) controllable giving handles on white balance, iris, and focus. Automated sliders and turrets give looping panning movement replicating an operator, creating dynamic more interesting shots. A POV/Fiber tech can be provided to setup and service the cameras, this relieves the burden on the video department and adds someone with intimate knowledge of the cameras and systems.


See our white sheet below for pricing- 

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