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SteadiFloat System


A custom camera stabilization system built in our shop. Its a combination of a Steadicam Aero30 arm and vest with a Tilta Float pole and a DJI RS3 Pro gimbal. The rig is designed to carry the Sony FX6 camera with a wide range of lenses. To be broadcast ready we have equipped the SteadiFloat with RF video transmission and camera control resulting in a completely wireless system ready to integrate with any live production. The SteadiFloat includes an experienced operator and an AC/tech. The SteadiFloat gives productions the ability to get smooth steady shots associated with a traditional Steadicam system but with the a much wider range of motion and movements. The camera can be lowered to the ground or brought up above head height in one smooth motion. With a controllable gimbal you have 4 levels of stability and the functionality of panning, tilting, and rotating the camera. The creative latitude the SteadiFloat gives a production to move a camera in new and unique ways is limitless.

See our white sheet below for pricing-

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